Our partners

Together we’re better

At Signature Financial the more expert resources we can draw upon, the more we can help our clients achieve their financial goals and lifestyle objectives. Which is why over the years, we’ve developed valuable partnerships with like-minded colleagues in our industry, with specific expertise.

In the area of research and portfolio construction, which is crucial to long term investment success, we consult with a group of experienced, independent, investment professionals who have a strong understanding of financial markets, investment instruments and fund structures. Their expertise lies in research and portfolio construction.

We’re also affiliated with some UK independent financial advisers. These partners assist us with issues such as cross border pension transfers.

Brendan’s personal warmth and empathy with his client, allied to his very professional and realistic approach provides continued reassurance.
Dr. Kevin MacPartlin

Our clients

Finding the right fit

We know that our range of bespoke services isn’t for everyone. We’ve found that the clients who benefit most from our services are those who engage with our Elevate Programme process. They welcome the expert guidance and knowledge-base that Signature Financial brings to the table. And because they value comprehensive financial planning, they’re committed to following their plan.

But when the fit is right, everyone wins. We enjoy building long-term collaborative relationships with our clients, working in partnership with them throughout their financial lifetime, ensuring they get the best outcome and the worry-free future they’ve planned for.

We typically work with company directors, business owners, retirees and high-earning professionals who want to maintain and enjoy the lifestyle they’ve worked hard to achieve. Not surprisingly, much of our business comes from referrals from current clients, industry partners, accountancy practices and other professional firms.